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Sestertius of ??-Weight: ??g-Diameter:??mm-Bronze-Ref.#-1-

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 10.7g-Diameter: 22.5mm-Bronze-Ref.#143

Honorius AE3(20mm) 5g 395-423 AD . Obverse: DN HONORIVS P F AVG pearl diademed and draped cuirassed bust right. Reverse: GLORIA-ROMANORVM, Emperor standing facing, head right holding standard and globe,ALEA in ex.Alexandria mint. VF. Rare, RIC 21d--Ref# 207--

MAXIMINUS II AE2(25mm) 4.5g Follis 309-313 AD. Obverse: IMP.C.GAL.VAL.MAXIMINVS P.F.AVG, Emperor laureated and bearded head right. Reverse: GENIO IMPERATORIS, Genius half naked and wearing modius standing left holding cornucopia and pouring from patera. Altar at his feet B? below. ANT in ex. Antioch mint.about Vf. RIC 133a.1 var.--Ref# 211--

Constantine the Great AE2(21mm) 3.4g Follis 306-337 AD. Obverse: IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG laureated and draped cuirassed bust right. Reverse: SOLI INVICTO COMITI Sol standing left with orb and raising right hand. (cross or star?)-ARL in ex. Arles (France) mint. F.RIC VII 57,T var.--Ref# 224---

Aurelian AE2(23mm) 3.6g Antoninianus. 270-275 AD. Obverse: IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG radiate cuirassed bust right. Reverse: CONSERVAT AVG Sol standing left foot on captive with raised hand and globe?(it sure doesn't look like a globe to me). S in ex. Siscia(sisak,croatia) mint. about VF. Cohen 68.--Ref# 225--

Constantius II AE 16.5mm 3.6g 337-361 AD. Obverse : Diademed and draped cuirassed bust right. Reverse: (the same Fel Temp Reparatio type)But look at the soldier (and his spear)spearing the bearded falling enemy horseman wearing somewhat conical hat.This doesn't look like a ordinary soldier he's elegantly dressed and his spear is something else too.Praetorian or Imperial guard?--Ref# 258--

Diocletian AE3(20.5mm) 2.9g Antoninianus 284--305 AD. Obverse: IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG radiate draped bust right. Reverse: CONCORDIA MILITVM Jupiter presents Victory on a globe to Diocletian, kr? in between. VF.Heraclea(Eregli,Turkey)mint.RIC 13 var.--Ref# 260--

Valentinian II AE3(19mm) 2.6g 375-392 AD. Obverse: D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG rosette diademed draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGGG Roma enthroned facing helmeted and cuirassed head left and holding globe & long spear, greek letter theta left and letter phi above right and k below it. VF Antioch(syria)mint ANT(S?)in ex.RIC 45--Ref# 262---

Licinius I AE Follis 317 AD 18mm 3g 317-324. obverse: IMP LICINIVS AVG laureate mantled bust left holding mappa. Reverse: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG Jupiter standing left holding Victory and scepter, palm to the left, A on the right, SMN in ex. Nicomedia(Izmit Turkey) mint. VF. RIC VII 24--Ref# 263--

Constantine the Great AE4(15mm) 1.3g 337-340 AD. Obverse: DV CONSTANTI-NVS PT AVGG veiled head right. Reverse: No legend, emperor driving quadriga right , the hand of God reaches down to him. SMAN?. in ex.Antioch(syria)mint. about VF. RIC VIII 39 var.--Ref# 264--

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 2.4g-Diameter: 17mm-Bronze-Ref.#275

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 5.3g-Diameter: 21.5mm-Bronze-Ref.#328

AE3 Honorius, Rev: GLORIA ROMANORVM-Weight: 1.7g-Diameter: 15mm-Bronze-Ref.#357

AE3, Arcadius, Rev: VIRTVS EXERCITI-Weight: 1.7g-Diameter: 16mm-Bronze-Ref.#366

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 1.6g-Diameter: 15mm-Bronze-Ref.#378

Gratian, AE3, Rev: VIRTVS ROMANORVM-Weight: 2.4g-Diameter: 18mm-Bronze-Ref.#383

Constantine the Great, Follis, Rev: SOLI INVICTO-Weight: 3.6g-Diameter: 19.5mm-Bronze-Ref.#384

Theodosius, AE2, Rev: GLORIA ROMANORVM-Weight: 4.6g-Diameter: 22mm-Bronze-Ref.#391

Constantius II (?)-Weight: 3.2g-Diameter: 18.5mm-Bronze-Ref.#405

Commemorative issue, 330-336, AE4, CONSTANTINOPOLIS, Rev: Victory-Weight: 1.3g-Diameter: 17mm-Bronze-Ref.#417

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 3.5g-Diameter: 17.5mm-Bronze-Ref.#429

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 4.8g-Diameter: 19mm-Bronze-Ref.#444

Greek Imperial coin of Hadrian-Weight: 4.8g-Diameter: 20mm-Bronze-Ref.#462

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 6.6g-Diameter: 18mm-Bronze-Ref.#480

Commemorative issue, 330-336, AE3/4, VRBS ROMA, Rev: Wold and wins-Weight: 1.5g-Diameter: 15mm-Bronze-Ref.#523

Gratian, AE4, Rev: VOT/XV/MVLT-Weight: 1.7g-Diameter: 15mm-Bronze-Ref.#532

Commemorative issue, 330-336, AE3/4, CONSTANTINOPOLIS, Rev: Victory-Weight: 1.9g-Diameter: 18mm-Bronze-Ref.#539

Constantine the Great, AE3, Obverse looks like CONSTANTINVS AVG, Rev: PROVIDENTIAE AVGG-Weight: 2.5g-Diameter: 20mm-Bronze-Ref.#547

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 2.9g-Diameter: 15mm-Bronze-Ref.#559

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: ??g-Diameter: ??mm-Copper-Ref.#ro6

Don't Know what it is yet-Weight: 3g-Diameter: 20mm-Bronze-Ref.#ro14

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