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1907 Ten US Dollars Gold Coin-Weight: 16g-Gold-Ref.#gc7

Nickolas the second 1904 5 rubbles gold coin .The last Tsar of russia was executed with his family in 1918 puting a end to the Romanov's ruling family which ruled russia for more then 300 years.- Obverse: Head of Nicholas II Reverse: The imperial double headed eagle .Weight: 4.3g-Gold-Ref.#gc8

1918 One British pound with St. George killing a dragon on the reverse -Weight: 8g-Gold-Ref.#gc9

Emperor Napoleon III 1853 20 Francs gold coin .Weight: 6.4g-Gold-Ref.#gc10

Mohammed V Islamic Coin(ottoman empire),Contantinople(Turkey)mint-1909-1918 (hijra 1327)Gold Coin .Weight: 7.2g-Gold-Ref.#gc11

1963 Gold coin of Caracas , Venezuela .Weight: 1.4g-Gold-Ref.#gc12

1927 20 Swiss Francs Gold coin-Weight: 6.5g-Gold-Ref.#gc13

French Republic 1909 20 Francs Gold Coin .Weight: 6.4g-Gold-Ref.#gc14

French Republic 1851 20 Francs gold coin.Weight: 6.4g-Gold-Ref.#gc15

Emperor Napoleon III 1867 20 Francs gold coin .Weight: 6.4g-Gold-Ref.#gc16

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